Superintendent's Public Statement

Superintendent's Public Statement regarding
the Student Equity Advocate Presentation

On November 7, 2018, our District's Student Equity Advocate (SEA) presented information regarding concerns voiced to him by students and/or parents/guardians. The presentation may have created confusion and concerns regarding the (1) handling of student and caregiver-generated information or complaints and/or (2) inaccurate representation of school data. Student safety and well-being is our first priority. Additionally, accurate reporting is a priority as well. To this end, a revised presentation will be made at the December 17, 2018 Board of Education meeting. The Superintendent will address the following in the revised presentation:

1. The process that currently governs how the SEA receives student/parent concerns,
2. The process that governs how the SEA communicates concerns to the administration,
3. The process that governs investigations associated with these student/parent concerns, 4. The process that will be used to ensure all of our internal and external stakeholders are normed regarding steps 1 - 3 outlined above,
5. The process the SEA uses to document and record data for each school,
6. The revised data points with clearly outlined definitions, and
7. The process that will be used to report information semiannually to the Montclair Board of Education and the Montclair community.

The presentation will be posted after the December 17, 2018 Board meeting.  My sincere gratitude is extended to our teachers, support staff, administrators, parents/guardians and community members for raising important questions related to the report as we continue to pursue equity, access and opportunity in the District.

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