Arrival & Dismissal

Changes to Dismissal

Changes in dismissal must be in writing to the classroom teacher. Please do not call the office to change dismissal arrangements. Plan in advance and send a note to the teacher in beforehand. Calling into the classrooms to announce changes disrupts instruction and can lead to confusion for the children at the end of the day.

Safety at Arrival and Dismissal

 For the safety of all children, please follow these guidelines during drop-off and pick up:

  2. Do not leave children unsupervised at the school before 9:00 am (Cedar Ave. entrance only).
  3. Park your car and walk your children to the front door.
  4. Do not double park or block traffic on Cedar Avenue.
  5. At all times, watch out for other children.
  6. Do not use the school's parking lot for drop-off or pick up.
  7. At all times, follow posted parking signage.

Road Closures

Because the school buses load and unload on High Street, this street is closed to traffic between 9:00 and 9:30 am and between 3:10 and 3:45 pm. Adjustments to these times are made for delayed openings or early dismissal days.

Car Line

There is a car line staffed by teachers and assistants beginning at 9:00 on Cedar Avenue. Please pull up to one of the staff members who will help your child out of the car. If you use the car line then you should NOT get out of your car. Use caution as you re-enter the traffic flow on Cedar Avenue. There is no car line when there is inclement weather. You may still pull-up to drop off, but staff will not be present.


Children who are not eligible for bus transportation should be picked up each day by a parent/guardian or authorized individual each day at 3:35 pm. Please inform your child's teacher of any individual that you authorize to pick up your child in you absence. It is important for the safety of your child that you fill the pick-up authorization form out and send it back to the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher brings kindergarten students outside through the main entrance. All students are dismissed through the main entrance. Please be sure that your child is picked up from school on time at 3:35pm.

Bus Riders

Children who are eligible for transportation through the Board of Education will be dismissed to their assigned bus at 3:35pm. Students should be picked up on time at the bus stop. In the rare instance that you miss your child at the stop, he/she will be returned to Nishuane School. Please be sure to call the school immediately if this happens. If a student is missed at the bus stop on a regular basis, he/she will be suspended from taking the bus.

Changes in dismissal must be in writing by a parent/guardian. If a note is not received from a parent/guardian indicating the student should not take the bus, the student will be put on the bus at dismissal.

Bus Rules and Consequences

A pupil may be excluded from the bus for disciplinary reasons by the administration and his/her parents shall provide for his/her transportation to and from school during the period of such exclusion.

  • First Offense - The student will be reported to the school administration. A letter will be sent to the student's parents informing them of the problem as well as what procedure will be followed if a second or third offense occurs during the school year.
  • Second Offense - The student will be excluded from the bus for a period of five (5) school days and his/her parents shall provide transportation to and from school during that period. Absence from school during this period will be considered truancy.
  • Third Offense - The student will be excluded from the bus for a period of thirty (30) school days and his/her parents shall provide transportation to and from school during that period. Absence from school during this period will be considered truancy. Any further infractions will be subject to an additional thirty (30) school days suspension of bus privileges. Suspension will be carried from year to year.

Late Pick-Ups

Please be sure to pick up your child on time each day. Montclair Board of Education Policy 5142.1, which states: Provision shall be made to take care of “officially escorted” students through the police and/or Child Protection and Permanency (CP&P) if the designated individual does not arrive at dismissal time on a regular basis. Parents/guardians failing to arrive at school or to have an authorized person arrive at school in a timely manner to “officially escort” their child/children will be reported to the proper authorities and parents/guardians who fail to arrange prompt dismissal pick up on an ongoing basis may be required to meet with the principal to develop alternate arrangements for dismissal time. Further district or legal action may be taken if the alternate arrangements are unsuccessful.

If an emergency arises which causes you to be late to pick up your child, the classroom teacher will bring the student back into the school. Please be sure to call the school immediately to let us know what arrangements are being made to pick up your child.

YMCA Before & After School Care Program

Before school care for students is available at Nishuane School beginning at 7:30 am and after school care is available at Nishuane from 3:35 to 6:30 pm. Both are offered at a nominal fee. Parents must provide transportation to and from school. Information about the YMCA-sponsored Expanded Day Program is available in the Nishuane Office or by contacting the YMCA directly at 973-744-3400. Parents will need to park on High Street when bringing or picking up their child and enter through Door #4. Before & After Care Parents are not permitted to drop off or park in the staff parking lot.


It is the policy of the Montclair Public School district that all visitors must first report to the office before going anywhere in the building. If a parent comes to drop something off for their child, it should be left in the office and the child will be notified.

Doors are locked throughout the school day, and all visitors must ring the front doorbell to gain access. All visitors must adhere to the following rules for the safety of the children.

  1. A secretary will greet you over the intercom when you ring the bell. Please look into the camera and state your name, your child's name and your intended purpose in the building.
  2. Report to the office before going anywhere else in the building.
  3. Sign in at the front office.
  4. Wear a visitor's badge for the duration of your visit.
  5. Sign out before leaving the building.
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