CI & Aesthetics

What Does It All Mean?

A Mini Glossary

Aesthetic- Elective courses in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, art, dance, drama, gymnastics, and music. These courses are designed to create opportunities for students to explore areas of interest and aptitude.

Creative I- Elective courses in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, art, dance, drama, gymnastics, and music.

These courses are designed for students who have shown aptitude and interest in specific subjects and pass a screening in the relevant subject area. Creative I courses are listed after Aesthetics courses and are preceded by the heading - "CI Creative I: (Screening required)".


Screening- The process by which the child is tested to determine his or her eligibility to take a Creative "I" course.

Note: In the event of a scheduling conflict between Aesthetics and Creative I courses, Creative I courses will take priority.

Parent Indicator Guides for Creative I Courses

Students who have demonstrated proficiency and an intense interest in the following subject areas can be screened. If you feel your child displays interest and knowledge according to the indicators listed below, you may choose to select a Creative I course for that subject area for your child.

Language Arts - Does your child:

  • read above grade level?
  • compose short stories, plays and/ or poems?
  • comprehend what has been read?
  • retell stories accurately?

Mathematics - Is your child;

  • able to recognize and extend patterns?
  • able to represent a mathematical concept with manipulatives?
  • able to communicate orally or in writing how he/she arrived at an answer?
  • able to apply a newly taught skill?
  • able to use a variety of strategies to solve a problem?

Science - Does your child:

  • ask scientific questions?
  • notice details, talk about nature, spend time looking at different objects?
  • attempt to gather scientific data (eg. keep track of weather changes)?
  • generalize findings, make predictions, interpret results, and draw conclusions?
  • attempt to perform science experiments at home and record the results?

Art - Does your child:

  • appear adept at visual expressions in painting, drawing and modeling clay?
  • choose drawing over other activities?
  • show interest and talent in arts and crafts?
  • want to continue creative activities beyond playtime?

Violin - Does your child:

  • Show interest in playing an instrument
  • ask to take music lessons privately or in a small group?

Chorus - Does your child:

  • love to sing, sing frequently, and make up songs?
  • sing in tune?
  • easily remember the words and tune of a song?
  • respond to music by dancing, swaying, pretending to play an instrument?
  • work well in a group, switching easily from "team player" to "soloist"?

Dance - Does your child:

  • have poise, grace, balance and proper body alignment?
  • create movement combinations?
  • use the elements of space, shape, time and energy?
  • have an awareness of rhythm and flexibility of movement?
  • memorize sequences of movement routines?

Drama - Does your child:

  • enjoy making up or telling stories?
  • play elaborate games with dolls, puppets or other toys?
  • understand the feelings of others? • Use his or her face and body expressively?
  • tell stories in sequence from beginning to end?

Gymnastics - Does your child:

  • perform physical tasks (eg. jumping rope, roller-skating, or ice-skating)?
  • show tremendous balance and gross motor coordination when playing on a playground?
  • achieve prominence in some athletic endeavor?
  • do forward rolls, backward rolls, and cartwheels in their regular play?
  • move in a rhythmical fashion when listening to music?
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