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A Message from Dr. McLaughlin
Week of March 30, 2020

Weekly Hot Topics

Warm Welcome: We would like to wish a very warm welcome to Ms. Pinying Carol Yeh who will be teaching Ms. Lin's Mandarin classes while she is on leave to welcome her baby! Ms. Lin's last day was Friday, March 27 and we wish her all the best and send a very warm welcome to Ms. Yeh!

Census Day is observed nationwide tomorrow, April 1st. By this date, every home will receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census. Once the invitation arrives, you should respond for your home in one of three ways: online, by phone, or by mail. Please don’t forget to complete the Census! See more information on the MPS website:

Week 2 of Remote Learning: I shared in an email on Thursday evening (3/26) regarding two ways we are trying to be supportive to our families as we work through remote learning. Please see below for important information about Flexible Fridays and SNAP Classrooms:

Flexible Fridays: Beginning this Friday (April 3rd), teachers will NOT be assigning new work on Fridays. Fridays will be used for receiving extra support for any lesson or concept from the week and for finishing all work from the week including work from classroom teachers, related arts teachers, band lessons, and related services such as speech, OT, and PT. Please note that next week we will do this on Thursday, April 9th as there is no school on Friday, April 10th.
Here’s how it will work:
○ Students must sign in on Fridays as they normally do so that they get credit for attendance
○ Remember that students can complete their related arts work in any order and at any time during the week including Fridays
○ Staff will be available during the school day to answer questions and provide support
○ Teachers will post directions each Friday that will explain specific support that they will be offering that day
○ Additionally, students and families who are seeking “more” can log into Clever to explore resources or pursue individual interests/hobbies at home.
We are hoping that Flexible Fridays will be helpful in providing more balance for everyone—I look forward to your feedback.

SNAP Grade Level Classrooms: In an effort to make navigating the Google Classroom a bit easier and help manage the number of posts on your student's stream, we have created a separate Google Classroom for the SNAP subjects. Beginning Today, Monday, March 30th, all SNAP assignments will be in grade level SNAP Classrooms. Most assignments will be posted at the beginning of the week and due by midnight on Friday of each week.  SNAP teachers will no longer be posting to, or receiving messages from, homeroom teachers' Google Classrooms after March 30th. Please make sure any unfinished work is turned in by this date. Art, Mandarin, and P.E. assignments may be posted by either teacher of those subjects as the teachers are in close collaboration. Classroom teachers will still remind you which SNAP class your child would visit on a particular day, but the work can be completed at any time during the assigned week.
You can see the SNAP Classroom(s) and be able to join them when logged in as your child and clicking on the Classroom icon in the Google grid - just like when you joined the current Google Classroom.

Student Attendance: Students must sign in and be working on assignments every day that school is open in order to receive credit for attendance—we are flexible with the sign in time. Students are expected to be working on their assignments and completing them to the best of their abilities throughout the week (reach out to the teacher for help with the learning/workload). If there is something going on at home that is making it difficult or impossible (illness, technical issues, etc.) for your child to sign in and work, please send a message to your child’s teacher so that we know and can support you.

Mindful Minute: Another way to stay mindful during social distancing is by staying active. There are numerous ways that you can get moving, which helps to regulate emotions and behavior (
○ Go outside, when the weather permits. Remember to follow social distancing and local guidelines.
○ Increase your heart rate indoors with indoor exercises like push-ups or jumping jacks.
○ Turn on some music and have a dance party. This is aerobic and so much fun!

eBook Resources: Mrs. Arnold is going to start to post some ebook resources that you may find useful. She will post one at a time so we don’t get overwhelmed with too many resources. Here is one of her new favorites—Unite for Literacy:
There are hundreds of ebooks (no registration required) that will entertain and teach our young readers. These non-fiction ebooks are brief and age-appropriate.

Nurse’s Note: Dear Families, Happy Spring and I hope you are all doing well. These are unusual times and yet I’m so impressed with everyone working together to maintain the health and wellness of our community. While I miss seeing everyone, we know that “social distancing” is for the best. We can use social media to keep in touch with friends and family on a regular basis. Although we cannot be together, it is important for all of us to stay connected. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that all healthy adults do 30 minutes per day of physical activities, and children should be physically active for 1 hour per day. Doing any activity around the home is better than none at all. If the weather permits, a short walk can have mental and physical benefits as well. Just make sure not to touch anything and stay at least 6 feet away. Exercise and sunlight help lessen stress in general. The children will soon enjoy the blooming of flowers. Spring allergy season has begun and it is a good time to start taking daily allergy medicine if you suffer from any pollen allergies. Remember, we can all get through this. Wishing you great health, Grace Alfaro.

Our 2019-2020 calendar and Family Handbook are both available on our school’s website! 

School Spirit:  Every Friday!
Wear your Nishuane gear or the color blue.

Our Family Handbook:
Our School Calendar:

Nishuane Information

● Nishuane School Virtual Google Classroom: If you haven’t already, join with code: ymhawly
● Pennies for Pages will continue! Please log books read and save!


Nishuane Virtual Spirit Week
Join our first Nishuane Virtual Spirit Week taking place in the Nishuane Facebook group. Each day will feature a different theme and thread where caregivers can put photos of their student(s) and family participating in that day's theme. We are testing this out as a way to stay connected to each other through this time of social distancing. Hope to see you there!

Monday: March 30 Topsy Turvy
Wear your clothes inside out or backwards

Tuesday: March 31 What Ya Reading
Snap a photo reading your favorite book of the day

Wednesday: April 1 April Fool’s Day
What’s your favorite joke? Tell it to your family, share it with your friends

Thursday: April 2 HERO v Villain
Dress up as your favorite cartoon hero or villain?

Friday: April 3 TGIF
Come as you are - your choice, a snap of you soaking up the sun,
or from your walk or whatever you do to relax!

BoxTops Contests: April Showers Bring May-Fairs! The student who brings in the most box tops for the month of March will receive a Nishuane Umbrella featuring Fireball the Dragon, just in time for April Showers! The student who brings in the most box tops during April will get a free admission wristband for MAYFAIR!
Keep clipping box tops and please download the app and scan your receipts:

PTA Open Board Positions: There are 4 open positions for the 2020/21 school year in the PTA. Please review the below information on each opening and think about if you would like to be considered. Thanks in advance for your help in continuing to make the next school year successful. We can’t do it without your volunteerism and support to bridge the gap between the needs of the school and student body. This is your opportunity to make a real and substantial impact on the education and lives of our children.

President: Responsible to lead the PTA toward specific goals chosen by its members and executive board. Determine, with the PTA Executive Board, including the Principal, strategic and tactical plans for the PTA. Manage the affairs of the PTA on a daily basis. Organize and run annual PTA meetings and Executive Board meetings.

Recording Secretary: Responsible for obtaining necessary town and municipality permits required to host PTA events; records PTA meeting minutes

VP, Explorers: Responsible for leadership and oversight of Explorers Program.

VP, Membership & Events: Responsible for membership participation & engagement; leadership role in high-level event planning and operations.

● Please contact Kellie Atkins, Alison Tribus, or Mendi Obadike at for more information or to be considered for these positions.

Classroom Photographs for 2nd-grade Yearbook: Each year, the PTA assembles and provides a Nishuane Yearbook to outgoing 2nd graders. Pictures capturing classroom and school events are an integral part of the yearbook. Please help us collect pictures of these events by sending pictures to Please include student(s)’ name, teacher name, event name and year with pictures.


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District-Wide Updates

● MPS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information:
Digital Backpack: Please click here to view community and organization events in town.
● Housekeeping: Please check the district website ( for district policies and school procedures (In our Parent Handbook on our website).

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